About Us

We are the Corporation of Japan.
We have been dealing with a high-quality Japanese used cars.
That's is the buying and selling of used car, repair and tuning.

And,my activities in Japan, we have held the events of car drifting.

Buying car imports direct from Japan?

We can your help,car for you buy the japanese used car.
We will bid on your behalf to the car auctions in Japan.
Please tell us the model &year you want!

Now we are looking for a good trading partner in the world.
Please contact us!

E-mail  info@japan-ki.com


E-mail  info@japan-ki.com


Please give us your inqury !!

I will estimate a price and time to your port.
・Your name
・Vehicle ID

・Your Port

Auction Agency

・Budget   CFR (C & F)
・Your Port
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